SIM Menu

Tired of typing in common keywords to access mapuaTXT services? Why not download the free SIM menu! Simply text MAPUATXT and send to 4755 to download the menu for free!

Institutional News

mapuaTXT provides basic SMS news broadcast to all subscribers of the service tariff free. Among the broadcast messages are as follows

(a) Class suspensions
(b) Availability of Grades via SMS and Online
(c) Enrollment Schedules
(d) Institutional Events
(e) mapuaTXT updates

To have your mobile number registered for this service, drop by the nearest DOIT Office and accomplish the registration form.


Want to check your grades via SMS? Simply type GRADES PULL / / and send to 700MAPUA (62782). Your grades for the specified term will be send to your cellphone plus the weighted average! Just don�t forget to follow the formats below; You�ll need to remember these basic formats since most of the service uses the information to validated and get the information that you want.

GRADES PULL 2005105707/06.21.1999/1Q0910
Send to: 70062782


Don�t know how much is your account balance with the school? Get your balances by simply sending BILLS PULL / to 700MAPUA (62782) to get your outstanding balance.

BILLS PULL 2005105707/06.21.1999
Send to: 70062782

Campus IN/OUT

Want to check if your son or daughter arrived in campus? Don�t fret! You can check the earliest tap IN and latest tap OUT of your son or daughter in and out of campus for the last seven days by texting INOUT PULL / to 700MAPUA (62782) and get piece of mind!


Your inputs are important to us. Let us hear your thoughts by sending SEND FEEDBACK to 700MAPUA (62782). As much as possible, please indicate the school or department concern and keep the message below 135 characters.

Coming soon�

Below are other features that are in the pipeline. If you have other ideas that will improve the service, then send a feedback to get things started!

>> Organization News Cast � get news from your student organization.

>> SMS Enrollment � enrollment via SMS! We your inputs here so send us feedbacks.

>> Change mymg游戏中心 Password � changes your mymg游戏中心 password via SMS

>> 911 � Emergency assistance facility via SMS. This is the most difficult service to implement and will have to iron out privacy issues. None the less, when implemented, the service should allow the Institute to locate the sender�s cell phone (and hopefully the sender) in case of emergency.